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Old Witch "Come Mourning Come" U.S. Cassette Version - Maroon Print

$8.00 / Sold Out

After many painstaking and arduous hours of planning, plotting, and crafting, October's Ritvals and Conceptvalized Art Forms is ready to offer up the first of, what we hope to be many physical Ritvals. This First Ritval, as it were, comes to us in cassette format and contains the epic and enigmatic, "Come Mourning Come" by Canada's mysterious Black Metal entity, Old Witch. The B Side features a contemporary take on the HP Lovecraft classic, "The Picture In the House", as read by Glen Hallstrom and scored by the mind that created Old Witch and is exclusive to this version only. Each cassette comes housed inside a painstakingly handmade screen printed and multi-layered "O" Card that features a Die Cut and Wax Seal and also includes two Spiral Transparent Art Pieces which, when placed over accompanying Tea Candles and Nag Champa Incense Cone, will be set into spinning motion, casting shadows and eldritch symbols onto your ceiling and walls, creating an overall Old Witch EXPERIENCE, pleasing to all 5 senses. The entire contents are placed and shipped inside a Screen Printed Velvet Drawstring Pouch and are limited to only 99 pieces in 3 different variations. This is the Maroon Version of which only 50 copies exist.